Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Hatch

Patti & Kai are now Mr. & Mrs. Hatch! They were married in the beautiful Las Vegas LDS Temple and had their reception at Sienna Golf Course here in Las Vegas.
The bride and groom are both athletes at Utah Valley University.

She plays volleyball and he is a shortstop on their baseball team

Mr. & Mrs. Kai Hatch

He older twin sisters, Shari and Tami

I still have yet to download the photos on my big camera so more of the reception to come.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Robert & Shari Sanderson

So you know my beautiful cousin Patti thats getting married.... welll just a day after I posted that post her oldest sister announced she too was getting married!
The Bride and Groom
Showing off the shoes

That was fun! So Shari and Robert became Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson on November 5, 2011... Of course Shari and I "pow wowed" and came up with a few pretty awesome ideas. She went with your classic Red and White but added pearls as her POP! It was beautiful. The friday before we spent all day doing her flowers and the turned out beautiful! The looked amazing and yeah, well so did he!

Father / daughter dance
First Dance
They are Married!

cute engagements! the went to cali

and hit the beach!

the Flagg sisters

Patti and Kai, our next Bride and Groom

Twins, Maid-of-honor, partner in crime, Tami & Shari

The Flagg Family minus Mike who is on a mission in Nicaragua

One of her 2 centerpieces. the other had long stem roses in vases with a string of pearls around them

Welcome to the family Robert! You 2 will love married life....

One wedding down and one more to go for the flag family this year.... and maybe another next year? Tami? Scotty? or are you two waiting for Mike to come home from his mission?

2 weddings in Nov and 3 more weddings in Dec! yes I said 3. These I get to go to and relax at! I was counting at school the other day and i have been to 13 weddings this year.... All my beautiful friends are getting married! Yay for new married couples to hang out with... The married crowd was lonely for a few years there!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


New weddings before the end of the year!! My beautiful cousin Patti announced she is getting married to her boy friend Kai on Dec 17th... Congrats Patti, I cant wait to see you as a beautiful bride!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who says you cant use ballons in a wedding!?!

I had a request for a simple wedding reception/open house..... That was different.... We talked about it and we went with balloons and an ice cream bar!

Everything went great! (PS Please excuse the bad photos. it was the first week with my new camera and i and still trying to figure things out!)

So we threw up a few kids tables towards the end. These are great if you know your going to get kids at your reception. It gives them something to do and keeps the "messes" in one corner. We did bowls of candy with crayons and coloring pages. The balloons we tied loosely so that the kids could take them home. We ended up having about 10 kids show up that night. And yes even i sat and colored!

Here is our Ice Cream/Candy bar. We dished out the ice cream in the kitchen and had the toppings all laid out for your choosing.

We rented these great decorative dividers from another Wedding planner in our stake. she came and helped with the set up as well. These dividers really helped dress up the church gym that the reception was held in.

A shot of the room. We had about 75 guests come through out the night. It was a nice and simple reception. I love the balloon idea. It really gave color to the room and filled the open air.

The mother of the groom is the sewing Queen. This is the quilt that she made for the newlyweds so of course we had to display it. The bride and groom formed there receiving line in front of this setup as well!

Nice. Simple. Easy! and still beautiful. Another happy couple and one very happy wedding planner! This wedding just goes to show you that you can do anything you want. It's YOUR wedding. Cake or no cake, dinner or breakfast, flowers or no flowers, formal or a  swim party.... The options are endless!

Happy Planning!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm back!

Well I have been very inconsistent with updating here but I swear I have a good reason....

I had a baby boy on February 15, 2011. His name is Milo Rockwell DeGraw and he is the new love of my life... along with my husband of course! We just love him to pieces and he is such a good baby. I promise I will update with my wedding adventures of this past year-year and a half...

Yeah he is 6 months now and his mama to a T... He loves chocolate!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Got pictures for Paul and Kateys post. check them out below!