Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tim & Marybeth

I was Very excited to hear that we would be doing Tim and Marybeths wedding! We met this couple at one of our conventions. Tim is a Doctor in Summerlin (something that has to do with shoulders) and of course this meant lots of doctors and an over the top wedding. Love it! I loved working with Marybeth. She always had ideas and loved to just sit and chat and brainstorm.

This fun couple met at a bar! Of course the second time they saw each other they were united by mutual friends! Their bridal party consisted of 8 bridesmaids, 2 junior bridesmaids, 9 groomsmen, 1 Junior Groomsmen, 3 flower girls, 2 mothers, and 6 grandparents that started out the long walk down the isle... That's 31 people in a bridal party... I would like to see someone beat that! Marybeth wore a ballroom gown for the ceremony complete with gloves and then a party dress for the reception. A woman has to have options!

Some fun things of the night were the Elvis impersonator during cocktail hour, the choreographed first dance, a live band, and the novel the groom's twin brother wrote for his best man toast! The groom even said he thought he was going to fall asleep in his chair. Then he told me that his speech at his brothers was almost just as long and that's probably why it was a novel... Lets make everyone suffer!

The Cake was amazing (and red velvet, my favorite)! Its was 3 layers of deliciousness and the bottom layer was foam to make the cake look bigger. Tricky tricky! This wedding was actually published in the Las Vegas Perfect Wedding Guide last year! The photographer that the magazine used though did not do the couple justice! Did I mention that Marybeth has 2 kids and looks amazing?!

Tony & Melanie

Tony and Melanie were very cute! They met at school and both were studying physical therapy. Tony was actually interested in Mel's best friend and at the begining was "using" her.. this is how they describe it but they always say it like its a joke.

They are a very unique couple too! They suprised each other with wedding gifts at the wedding (unknowing that the other had the same idea). Tony is a drummer back in Hawaii and flew his whole band out to play at their wedding. At the end of the night tony did a killer drumm solo ( on a song he wrote for mel for their wedding day) and fireworks went off! Real fireworks! We did about a 2 min show for her. In the begining she really wanted fireworks but they decided it wasn't in the budget but tony suprised her anyways. For tony, Melanie got him new shoes... not just any shoes either. She had them special made with "property of Melanie" writen all over them. Apparentlly he had been really wanting these specific shoes... just not with Mels name all over them. So of course he got 2 pairs; one with her name and one without.

Instead of having a big cake and floral centerpieces, Mel's mom slaved for 2 days in our kitchen making the best brownie cakes ever!!! She had one made fore each table as the centerpiece. Very Creative!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lets start this off!

Well the first wedding that I did on my own was my own of course so I figured I would post my own story and pictures. My husband Jared and I met at church and out of no where he asked me out to a concert. Our First date was July 4 2008, we were engaged Oct 27 2008, and Married March 14th 2009. Our relationship wasn't always easy be we knew we were meant to be!

I did my planning very quickly. Most everything was finished before Christmas. When we were married I was working 60 hrs a week (I had 10 weddings in march not including mine), going to school full time, and getting hitched all in the same semester... Lots of stress.

We were married in the LDS Las Vegas Temple @ noon and then had a reception in my parents backyard @ 7pm. My photographer was AMAZING! He took us out to an old mine after the ceremony and we shot for a couple of hrs. This place was cool. We got to climb all over this old stuff that a guy has collected and put up out there.

Did I mention that i was late? the wedding can't start with out the bride so I figured I was ok. I also didn't count on my phone wacking out that day and therefore no one could get ahold of me. I was suppose to meet jared at his house so we could drive together. When i arrived he looked so relieved. His mom said he thought for a while there I stood him up. lol It was pretty funny!

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