Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tony & Melanie

Tony and Melanie were very cute! They met at school and both were studying physical therapy. Tony was actually interested in Mel's best friend and at the begining was "using" her.. this is how they describe it but they always say it like its a joke.

They are a very unique couple too! They suprised each other with wedding gifts at the wedding (unknowing that the other had the same idea). Tony is a drummer back in Hawaii and flew his whole band out to play at their wedding. At the end of the night tony did a killer drumm solo ( on a song he wrote for mel for their wedding day) and fireworks went off! Real fireworks! We did about a 2 min show for her. In the begining she really wanted fireworks but they decided it wasn't in the budget but tony suprised her anyways. For tony, Melanie got him new shoes... not just any shoes either. She had them special made with "property of Melanie" writen all over them. Apparentlly he had been really wanting these specific shoes... just not with Mels name all over them. So of course he got 2 pairs; one with her name and one without.

Instead of having a big cake and floral centerpieces, Mel's mom slaved for 2 days in our kitchen making the best brownie cakes ever!!! She had one made fore each table as the centerpiece. Very Creative!

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