Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lets start this off!

Well the first wedding that I did on my own was my own of course so I figured I would post my own story and pictures. My husband Jared and I met at church and out of no where he asked me out to a concert. Our First date was July 4 2008, we were engaged Oct 27 2008, and Married March 14th 2009. Our relationship wasn't always easy be we knew we were meant to be!

I did my planning very quickly. Most everything was finished before Christmas. When we were married I was working 60 hrs a week (I had 10 weddings in march not including mine), going to school full time, and getting hitched all in the same semester... Lots of stress.

We were married in the LDS Las Vegas Temple @ noon and then had a reception in my parents backyard @ 7pm. My photographer was AMAZING! He took us out to an old mine after the ceremony and we shot for a couple of hrs. This place was cool. We got to climb all over this old stuff that a guy has collected and put up out there.

Did I mention that i was late? the wedding can't start with out the bride so I figured I was ok. I also didn't count on my phone wacking out that day and therefore no one could get ahold of me. I was suppose to meet jared at his house so we could drive together. When i arrived he looked so relieved. His mom said he thought for a while there I stood him up. lol It was pretty funny!

Click on the pictures to see the full size!

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