Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dillion & Kami Moffitt

It was a pleasure working with this beautiful couple!

Got a call one day from a friend and former client. Her brother was getting married! Bride and groom live in Texas, Brides parents in Utah and China, and Grooms parents in Las Vegas. They needed someone to plan and coordinate their Vegas wedding From a distance. I saw them in person twice before their wedding date. All planning was done through email, texts, phone calls, and the wonderful world of Pinterest! Everything turned out just beautiful!

Ceremony Venue: Las Vegas LDS Temple
Reception Venue: Siena Golf Course
Catering/Cake/Cupcakes: Heavenly Creations Catering
Photography: Lindsey Hale
Hair & Make-up: Lilly Reid
Florist: SOSN Weddings

Stage Decor

 Brides Bouquet had pink and coral garden roses, succulents, hypercum berries, white calla lilies, and seeded eucalyptus. Tied up with mint and gold ribbon and a beautiful vintage gold and blue cameo broach.

Centerpieces were split. I made half of the tables with these gold julip cups. They had 12 pink and coral roses with hypercum berries in them. The other tables had these beautiful handmade pieces! Countless (very pregnant) hours spent with a glue gun sitting on the floor while beige watching "Friends". Miss match candlesticks painted gold. 3 styrofoam balls (4", 5", 6"). one covered in lace, on in pearls and one in hydrangea petals. Stunning pieces!

 All tables were white with mint and white chevron table runners. chair ties were an ivory lace.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


She is here! My beautiful baby girl was born April 19th! Her name is Inara.... yes we named her after a character on a TV show. if you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about then you need to binge watch "Firefly" this week on Netflix... Or call me I have it on DVD. It only lasted one season :( but it was awesome..... Space  Cowboy! Seriously!.... Anyways fan girl moment over....

Having 2 kids is SOOOOO much harder then having one! And having 2 kids with different Genetic Anomalies is exhausting!!!!!!

So I am taking a very LONG break from Wedding Planning and coordinating. In otherwards, in the next 10 years i only plan on planning/coordinating like 5 weddings.... cause I have to... you know sisters, sister in-laws, brothers, the random client that says i will pay you $1 million to do it.... We have just decided that my time is better spent with my babies!

I am still doing Floral though. So much time is taken from my kids when planning a wedding. Floral takes me one day on the computer for quotes and one day in shop.... and I still get to be around pretty things!

I will try and get caught up on wedding posts soon! Here is a teaser!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

What a crazy year!

I don't know about you, but I am SO behind because this year has just been a madhouse for us!!!

We had 2 weddings this year that I haven't posted about yet!! I took a little time away from weddings because of all the craziness in our home! My son broke his leg this year, I got pregnant and REALLY sick, lots of trips, a new puppy, new computer when mine crashed, and so much more!

So while I still work on getting photos off my camera and phone (see, so behind), here are a few pics of our June backyard wedding and September Temple wedding!

For Miguel and Natalie's Temple wedding we helped with all the planning, decor, and reception coordination. Flowers we provided by Enchanted Florists. Their awesome photographer was Ashley Vadney with Fresh Focus Photography. Their reception was held at the church building and just turned out perfect! We did a draped ceiling with the brides handmade chandler that was stunning! And I just loved her color choices of a bright blue and dark pink!

For Trevor and Alexx's backyard wedding we did their planning and coordinating, floral, and decor. My good friend and talented photographer Vanessa Fulcher withVisions by Vanessa came and took pictures of all the decor for me.... Then my computer crashed and I lost the photos... So I'm working on getting them back. Everything was just beautiful for this rustic Coral and Turquoise wedding.
I can't wait to tell you about the wedding cake disaster too!You will die laughing!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pros & Cons: Chargers

So i have been asked this question many times.... Do i need chargers plates on my tables? Well I believe the need will be different for every party! 

They are not always needed if you have platted or buffet dinner served. I would judge it more on what is actually going on your table! 

Here is an example with....

And without!

And here is a full table with...

All three options look very elegant! But chargers can over do it!

This table just looks messy! Do not do petals AND chargers. There is just too much going on and we cant even see what the centerpiece looks like. Also when you do chargers, please do not place the napkins in the glasses. Place them on or underneith the chargers.

Sorry for the blur on this one... This table needed chargers. Its very beautiful and simple but chargers would have brought in a touch of elegance.

There are also many types of chargers. You can get them in round and square and in just about every color. They range from $1-25 a piece wither you buy or rent them. If you have 100 guests you are looking at a difference of $100 and $2,500. 

I believe that if you have alot going on your tables you dont need chargers. If you are planning simple centerpieces simple linens then yes, add the chargers!

If you are not planning on serving buffet or plated dinner, do not use chargers! It give the impression that you are planning on feeding guests. If you are just doing an appitizer reception, stick with a beautiful centerpiece and smaller tables.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to plan a wedding on a budget!

I got a frantic text message this week from my sister in law saying, "my friend is trying to plan a wedding for $2000 and doesn't know where to start!"

So I decided to put together my list of "Budget Friendly" tip when it comes to planning a wedding!

1. The date: Choose a Thursday!!! Or any other day of the week if you plan on using an all inclusive venue. It will be WAY cheaper if you chose an off day or an off season!!! Don't get married March-May or August-October. This goes for rentals and vendors as well. You can get your amazing vendors that are always booked for way cheaper in the off seasons or on a week day.

2. Venue: If you are religious in any way, use your church! Usually ceremonies are free or you make a "donation" to the church. Also many have multi purpose rooms you can rent for free and decorate to look AWESOME! Or take your wedding outside! If you have family or friends with a beautiful backyard, give them a call! Or reserve a public park... I know this one sounds weird but trust me. Here in Las Vegas the county has over 100 parks! A lot of them are really beautiful and not just for playgrounds. If you are in Vegas looking for an outdoor venue, check out anthems plethora of parks. They are all hidden from the street so no car noise. All parks can be reserved online and all have electrical you can hook into! Which brings me to my next advice

3. Decor: Lighting, Lighting, Lighting! you know those white christmas lights everyone owns? send out a mass message to friends and family to keep out their lights as they take that tree down this year so you can borrow them. Or hit the after christmas sale for some. Lighting does wonders for an out door or indoor wedding! Tables - some churches have these you can borrow for free but i have a better idea! Ask around to borrow 6-8ft banquet tables. The linen rentals are cheaper for these tables anyways and you can usually fit more in one area!

4. Food: People offer to help all the time with weddings... this is a great place to accept this help. buy everything to cook the food but have others prepare it. You can do just a desert reception or a backyard BBQ this way. Have an uncle who is a grill master, ask him (as a wedding present) to man the grill for the night! ALSO!! Your favorite "fast food" resturants cater! Cafe Rio charges $7 pp... We used them for a 100 guest wedding and had TONES of food left over. and it was so yummy!!! They brought all their own chafers, plates, silverwear, and napkins too!

5. Cake: Same goes for cake. know someone who is a baking queen? I have had some REALLY good home baked wedding cakes before! Also my diamond in the rough is Albertsons. Skip the fancy bakeries and got to the grocery stores. My next wedding is getting an 8inch round red velvet cake with 7 doz cupcakes (red velvet and chocolate) for $70!!! We did a cake tasting for $6... aka I went and bought a variety of cupcakes to try... and they were a big hit!

6. Attire: If you are not crazy about a wedding dress there are lots of ways to get a beautiful dress to wear for cheep or FREE! First, think of all your awesome friends that have gotten married that are your same size and borrow theirs! I don't know many people that would decline you wearing their wedding dress. Picture shown is of my bride Jessica. This was her second marriage so she saw no point in buying another dress. So she borrowed this beauty from a friend that had been married for 5 years. If your moms is still in style, i'm sure it would thrill her if you wore that one. Check craigslist, Tradesy, or brovo bride. People here are selling or renting their dresses (some times DESIGNER) for next to nothing cause they need the closet space or need the money! Also in this economy there is usually a dress shop close that is closing. you can buy flora samples for 25-40% off! And dont forget good old Davids Bridal. They have their semi annual $99 gown sale! As for the groom, don't waist your money on a Tux rental... buy a suit if he needs an new one! mens wearhouse always has great deals! Or if you are doing a relaxed/casual wedding, let him buy a new colored shirt, suspenders, new tie, and pants.

7.  Photography:  You don't always need a photographer the whole night BUT YOU DO NEED A PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!!! Do NOT skimp on hiring a pro when it comes to your wedding. Most Photographers have 3 hr packages. You can have photos of your ceremony, a couple bridals and family and then the toasts and first dance... Those are the important shots anyways... You don't really need pics of your groomsmen streaking through your neighborhood drunk at midnight... Just saying! One of my great photographers Vanessa Fultcher at Visions by Vanessa has packages starting @ $400 for weddings!

8. Ceremony: So my new obsession!!! Is there someone you had to leave out of your bridal party? Funny Uncle that's really close? Best friend with no bridal party? Ask them to Marry you! Seriously! Ask them to officiate your wedding! Its really easy. They jump online and obtain a single use officiant permit for like $30. Thats it! This will also make your ceremony mean that much more to you! You can write your own ceremony/vows as well. Decor for ceremonies too can be done beautifully in a simplistic way! if you have a handy soon to be hubby, build something together for the backdrop. Or my Favorite, find a really big tree! You can drape fabric or tulle in it or string lights from it! And then flower petals!!! And lots of them!!! Its a great/ cheap way to bring color to the ceremony. you can get discounted flowers from grocery stores because the roses are on their last leg. these are excellent for aisle petals.

9. Floral: Did you know your local grocery store will make bouts and corsages? Or better yet, make them out of something non floral! The grooms men probably prefer this option! At Costco and Sams Club you can order Bulk roses! If you know someone who dabbles in floral design, ask them to do it as a wedding present! Don't pick flowers that are out of season! Be reasonable people! You can not get Peonies in Dec. End of story! Don't ask!! May through July, that's it! Don't do floral for the bridal party. Give the girls something else to haul down the Aisle like a fan!

10. DJ: Last but not least!!! If you have a party crowd then music is going to be very important. This might be where you want to stick some of that money. But ask around! Hire someone who has their own equipment but does if "for fun". They will have lots of music and will be able to keep your guests entertained. If its not totally important to you, put together a play list and hook up your ipod to some speakers and let it go! Have a friend run it for specialty dances... For my wedding I found a CD of classic Big Band love songs, Frank Sinatra, etc! That played through dinner then I had a "dance mix"! Throw it back to high school and pull out those mix tapes!

Happy Planning!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Shane & Chelsey

I know I owe you a post on Brian and Therese's Reception but my camera was failing me that day.... I am currently waiting on photos from their photographer. The place turned out AWESOME though!

But I have major exciting news!!!! My best friend in the whole wide world got engaged on New Years Eve!!! It was on the news and everything! I'm excited for shane and chelsey to finally tie the knot!

Chelsey and I have been best Friends since High School but have known each other since the 3rd grade. We have been through a lot! And of course I have been secretly/not secretly planning her wedding for years.

Because she lives in Reno, NV she flew in to Vegas for the Bridal Spectacular. Its a convention where all the best of the best in the wedding business here in vegas showcase what they have. Thousands of brides come looking for their wedding vendors! Its lots of fun! This weekend we found her wedding venue and THE dress!!

Her wedding is set for April 11, 2015 so we have plenty of time to plan! I'll update later about this wedding and my role as wedding planner and Matron of Honor!!!

You will see lots of this too come!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The day has come!

Yesterday we had a long awaited event happen in our family. My sweet Aunt Therese was married in the Las Vegas LDS Temple to her sweetheart Brian Procell. It was wonderful and I cried of course.... I have cried at many weddings but didn't at mine.... go figure. So here are a few shots from yesterday. The reception is in 2 weeks so there is more to come!!

all the family (minus my parents)

The brides brothers and mom!

Her flowers turned out great. We used calla lilies, roses, tulips, dahlias, and snow berries. 

The bride's father died in April this year so I wanted to make sure he was close by on her special day!

my favorite picture of the day! Mother/daughter. These two are so sweet and such great friends.