Friday, January 17, 2014

Shane & Chelsey

I know I owe you a post on Brian and Therese's Reception but my camera was failing me that day.... I am currently waiting on photos from their photographer. The place turned out AWESOME though!

But I have major exciting news!!!! My best friend in the whole wide world got engaged on New Years Eve!!! It was on the news and everything! I'm excited for shane and chelsey to finally tie the knot!

Chelsey and I have been best Friends since High School but have known each other since the 3rd grade. We have been through a lot! And of course I have been secretly/not secretly planning her wedding for years.

Because she lives in Reno, NV she flew in to Vegas for the Bridal Spectacular. Its a convention where all the best of the best in the wedding business here in vegas showcase what they have. Thousands of brides come looking for their wedding vendors! Its lots of fun! This weekend we found her wedding venue and THE dress!!

Her wedding is set for April 11, 2015 so we have plenty of time to plan! I'll update later about this wedding and my role as wedding planner and Matron of Honor!!!

You will see lots of this too come!

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