Tuesday, July 21, 2015


She is here! My beautiful baby girl was born April 19th! Her name is Inara.... yes we named her after a character on a TV show. if you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about then you need to binge watch "Firefly" this week on Netflix... Or call me I have it on DVD. It only lasted one season :( but it was awesome..... Space  Cowboy! Seriously!.... Anyways fan girl moment over....

Having 2 kids is SOOOOO much harder then having one! And having 2 kids with different Genetic Anomalies is exhausting!!!!!!

So I am taking a very LONG break from Wedding Planning and coordinating. In otherwards, in the next 10 years i only plan on planning/coordinating like 5 weddings.... cause I have to... you know sisters, sister in-laws, brothers, the random client that says i will pay you $1 million to do it.... We have just decided that my time is better spent with my babies!

I am still doing Floral though. So much time is taken from my kids when planning a wedding. Floral takes me one day on the computer for quotes and one day in shop.... and I still get to be around pretty things!

I will try and get caught up on wedding posts soon! Here is a teaser!

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