Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tommy and Alyson

Alyson and Tommy are your classic small town meets the city. These two met in college and dated for about 2 years beore desiding to tie the knot. Tommy is from Ely, NV and Alison is from vegas... These guys were so much fun! There theme was balck and pink with a tuch of elegance. She wore a designer dress that was stunning! We had the ceremony at a cathlic church and the reception at the Dragon Country Club. The decor for this was fun and the food was FANTASTIC!

The photographer that they hired was terrible though and if any of my clients ever sugest using them i will refuse.
They arrived late for the ceremony so we had to wait for them to arrive and then they left right after the first dance at the reception. missed the mother son and father daughter as well as the cake cutting and slide show... I had my good camera with me so i have shots from all prep and pre ceremony and everything after they left the ceremony...

Her flowers were beautiful and done my by good friend Hadley at Jason Kennith Designs.

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