Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Red Wedding Ideas

Probably the most popular color scheme for a wedding is red, white, and black... Makes since does it not? RED is the color of love! So here are some decor and floral ideas of red based weddings!

First is centerpieces... You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on your floral budget. Red roses are super cheap (unless its valentines week) and available all year round. These simple centerpieces are a great DIY project. If you are using a print or pattern in your wedding decor a great way to incorporate it in your centerpiece is to find it in a ribbon and rap it around your vases.

Cakes... they are a great way to incorporate color! You can pull the red in the icing, make it a red velvet cake, or add red floral to it. Get creative with your cake or cupcakes!

Decor... Love a few of these ideas. If you are getting married or doing a ring ceremony at the reception this red canopy would make a beautiful alter... or as it is presenting the cake! These floral poms are EASY to make and can be hung almost anywhere for decor. Use them as chair/aisle decor for the wedding and then transfer them to the reception for more color. You can use almost any red flower that you are using in your regular floral pieces. Linens are a great way to pull in color but make sure that your tables are color balanced. If you have a red centerpiece make the linens black or white. If your centerpiece is white, have a red table runner with a black base linen.

Bridal party... Red ties for the guys, Red shoes for the girls (and maybe even the guys). Red flowers in their hair or maybe just a matching clip. Girls with cute black skirts and white blouses with Red waist belts! The options are endless when it comes to dressing up your bridal party... and don't forget about the parents too!

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