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Brook & Joe Rentteria

Got photos today from my all time favorite bride..... Ok I'm only saying that cause she is one of my best friends.... so I'm a little biased....

So of course Brook "let" me plan her wedding.... It was more me bossing her around, texting her every day with a list of things she needed to get done that day.... We planned this wedding in less that 3 months and It was pretty amazing if I do say so myself! The venue was set for our other best friend/bridesmaids backyard which is large and beautiful. We have been to many halloween parties back there and it is a perfect space for a wedding!

Well as Vegas weather would have it, it decided to flood the whole city 2 days before the wedding.... So I pulled out my list of INDOOR venues and prayed someone had this SATURDAY open..... My first phone call was to the Plaza at Whitney Ranch and they were available!!!!! Love this venue! Has beautiful entree way and a unique "ballroom" layout. It is in an office building but it doesn't look like a "conference room." Its great for parties around 100 people.

Our other wedding adventure was that Brook ordered a handmade bolero Jacket on line and 2 weeks before the wedding found out her order never went though.... So its a good thing I work in St. George, UT right now... So while i was working the weekend before her wedding I went to all the dress shops to find her a bolero Jacket that was the same style. Lucky us they had one and in the right size!!! SO I took it back to vegas, sewed hooks on her dress and jacket and sewed the french bustle for her dress.... cause we like to do everything last minute in Brooks world! Love this girl but she worries me with how laid back she is sometimes!

So Saturday morning we headed to the Las Vegas LDS Temple for the wedding ceremony and sealing. It was beautiful! After when we were waiting for the bride and groom to make their "grand exit" ALL of the grooms men just left..... SOMEONE "cough" "JOE" cough  forgot to tell them that it is their duty to stick around and take pictures.... i mean come on.... you now rented a tux for no apparent reason... haha. So the gals got a few pics and that was the end of the bridal party.... Losers didn't even help Dianna and I decorate their car!

Megan, Me, Brook and Dianna

More on the Bridal bouquet later but Brook has had an obsession with leaves since we started planning so our bridesmaid bouquets ended up being made out of fall leaves! And yes there were pumpkins in our bouquets too!

Joe and Brook met though Dianna. When I first met him it was the night they got engaged but prior to him popping the question and I thought he was a loser... haha... well now i think he fits all too well with Brooks family even if he thinks he is cool/gangster.... We all like to mess with him but this photo tells you really what was on his mind the whole wedding day HAHA!!!

At the reception they had a ring ceremony so that all their family that couldn't attend the temple could still be apart of their vows.... Funny story about the rings... again why Joe fits so well in this family... Joe texted brook a picture of a ring he bought 2 days before the wedding claiming it was her wedding ring. She freaked out was was like "don't mess with me, I'm already stressed out about the weather!" Unfortunately he wasn't kidding and thought that a wedding ring was suppose to have her birthstone in it and he even got the wrong birthstone.... So we had to explain to him she just needed a simple band and he hit walmart the next morning... Well on the  day of the wedding he handed the ring to his sister to hold till the reception.... When we all got to the reception we found out that she had already left back to mexico on a plane with the ring in her pocket.... So out the door again to buy another wedding ring 1 hour before the reception.... I am told that he will buy a 4th and final ring WITH the bride so she can pick out something a little more permanent!

The reception was catered by Brooks favorite restaurant "Cafe Rio" and it was super yummy! I highly recommend them... They were great and brought everything from food to forks. And their prices are AMAZING!!! We still had tones of food left over. We also had Cupcakes from the Cupcakery that were delish! For the guest gift we did a Candy buffet. I will do a whole post on that later! It was beautiful and a HUGE hit with everyone. There was nothing left at the end of the night!

Brooks dad is Joe Kenemore, my favorite photographer... ok i'm being biased again. He shot my wedding as well and I have always been a fan of his work. It is simple yet beautiful! Their company use to be Cache Media works and there photography department is now One Source Photography. He caters to both Vegas and Utah photography needs.

 In the grand entry way they set up a photo booth and it was a huge hit as well. We had props and wigs and everyone had a blast taking pictures.

This is our Classic pose... I have at least a dozen photos of us this way.

Brooks Bouquet!!!! When we talked about flowers brook said just make me something in fall colors.... I am happy to say this is probably the most beautiful bouquet I have ever made and no picture does it justice... Specially my camera because it decided to take mostly blurry photos all night long... so not cool...

So I ended up using Circus Roses as my base with an Orange Dahlia. I added some mango callas, orange freesia, hypercumb berries, and chocolate cosmos  I wanted some type of collar so I use some seeded eucalyptus leaves and this just made the bouquet so regal! I found a beautiful crinkle brown ribbon to wrap it and added a huge bow. In the middle of the bow I added her broach. I bought her a leaf broach before we even started talking about adding all the leaves to the decor. It was very fitting for Brook! Her dad was even shocked after seeing the bouquet and centerpieces... I have done MANY weddings with him over the years but none have really been "my creation" cause I was always working for someone else and not just for my bride. This was the first time (besides my own wedding) that he has truly seen my work. In his words.... "Everything is AMAZING! I am completely shocked. This is some of the most beautiful wedding floral I have ever seen!" Thanks Joe, It really means a lot coming from you!!

This was the Grooms Bout

And the groomsmen!

The tables ended up beautiful! Brook had 4 main colors - pumpkin orange, cranberry red, chocolate brown, and moss green... We did each table with a different color and kept all of the base linens brown. 

Half of the tables had lanterns with small pumpkins in them and the other half had large pumpkins with a floral arrangement in them. LOVED THESE!!! I did eucalyptus leaves for the base. There were a mixture of circus roses, coxcombs, monkey tails (fern shoots), hypercumb berries, chocolate cozmos and orchids. We also had small pumpkins and leaves on all the tables as well.

The parents and the grandparents all wore beautiful red/orange cymbidium orchid bouts and corsages.

The toss bouquet was made out of silk sunflowers and displayed next to the candy bar and cupcakes.

Here's a quick shot of the cake topper.... yes brook had to have one that the bride was grabbing his butt...

The bride and groom told us they wanted to sneak out so we "trashed" their car early in the night! We told the guests to leave their empty soda cans on the bar so that we could recycle but I just wanted to tie them to the back of their car! Brooks aunt and uncle helped too by painting on the car and putting peanut butter under all the door handles! so not my idea by the way but still brilliant!!

Sorry this was so long but I still didnt get to tell you about half of it! When Pat... Joe Kenemore's right hand photo man... gets me more photos then I will do another post...

Thank you Brook for letting me plan your wedding! Love you to pieces girl and always will!

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