Monday, December 31, 2012

Caleb & Devyn DeGraw

YAY!!!! I have a new sister in law!

So Caleb is my husbands brother and my friend of many years. I have known Caleb longer than my husband. In fact i went to movie nights at his house before I had ever met my husband. Anyways.... we are excited these to are FINALLY getting married.... We say finally because it was suppose to happen earlier in the year.

Devyn really wanted me to do her bouquet for the wedding and i was thrilled to do so! These two have a unique style.... As she was trying to explain what she wanted her wedding to be like i could only think of one word... bohemian. So with her wedding colors this is the bouquet I came up with!

Did I mention that my these 2 were married the same weekend as my best friend, brook...? Because of this I was unfortunatly unable to attend there reception Sat night. Their ceremony was friday morning at the Las Vegas LDS Temple and after it rained for 2 days it was turning out to be a sunny weekend. 

Her bouquet was made of circus roses, yellow dahlias, pink freesia, pink rannuccules, and was wrapped in lace, twine and tiffany blue ribbon. The broach I chose was a brushed gold floral pin. The bouquet went great against her dress. Her bridal gown turned out beautiful (i picked it out). It was a sample dress I had at work and it WAS strapless.... She had a magic worker for a seamstress!

Parents with the bride and groom.

Grooms Family! This is the first picture we have with EVERYONE in it since any of us have been married... 

LOVE this pose. I saw it on pinterest and had to recreat it.... The bride is a twin! 
Eternally married but forever sisters!

Did I also mention that I had to play the role of photographer as well?
 I tried to get the important shots at least. Here are the rings.

My favorite photo of the day! Captures the beauty and love of the couple!

Congrats and welcome to the family Devyn!!!

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