Monday, August 13, 2012

Shawn and Tricia Close

So I have know Shawn since... well forever.. I guess the earliest would be age 8 unless our parents have know each other since HS (which is a HUGE possibility)... Anyways we go WAY back... He is  like 6"4" or something crazy like that and Tricia is like 5foot... But they are so cute together...

Tricia asked me to do her flowers for the bridal party and of course I was excited to! We did calla lilies and white roses for her bouquet, white roses for the bridesmaids and callas for all the guys.

They were married May 18th... That same day I had 2 other weddings and 8 total wedding within a week at my regular job.... I also had  Finals fo Massage school.... Boy was that a stressful week... I got an assistant just to help with this week so I wouldnt lose it!

Shawn and Tricia chose purple, Teal and silver as their main colors.... Sound familiar my fellow Sky Hawks? Yeah so Shawn misses HS just a little bit but thats ok. We were able to twist in the peacock feather to her decor so it didnt look HS reunion-ish.

The day turned out beautiful and her Wedding planner did a great job with the reception that evening. Here are some pictures.

ok so I included this photo cause this is his dad and grandpa giving him a hard time for not shaving for his wedding day. They were trying to take a pic of his stubble. haha

The Close Family

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