Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Willie Sproul's Funeral

So when I was in collage my degree started in business. Then i switched to floral design. I took one class and didnt get along with the instructor.... Unfortunately she taught half of the classes so i switched back to business. That one formal class I had was Sympathy Floral. This last week was the first i got to do REAL sympathy floral.

Willie & Toni Sproul have been my "adopted" grandparents since I was born. Never have I met a more amazing person then these two. All of the grandkids call them Grandmier and Grandpier. They came in to my dads life while he was in HS. Shortly after he turned 16 his dad passed away and Willie started to fill that father figure spot in his life more and more. 5 Years ago Willie's health started failing and for the last 4 years he has been in a wheel chair. He was born April 15, 1940 and died April 20, 2013 at the age of 73. Willie and Toni just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in September.

Sunday after he died the whole family was sitting around planning next weekends events when the topic of floral came up. I volunteered to do it. We found a quick photo of what Toni wanted and rolled with it. She wanted each family to have a dedicated color and each color be in his casket spray. They have 3 kids plus 3 "adopted" kids.

white - Toni
Blue - Lee & Jeanette
Red - Willie jr & Ali
Green -Therese
Purple - Brent & Erin
Yellow - Brad & Lilly (my Family)
Orange - Jeff & Kathy

left him some Horseshoes

The arrangement came out beautiful and I was so honored to do this! I knew I was going to have plenty of floral left over so I did a matching wreath as well. In both arrangement I put a horseshoe. My childhood was filled with bbq's, swimming, and hours and hours of watching my dad and grandpier play horseshoes. Even before the casket was closed A horseshoe was laid in his hands.

So yes, Not only do my services include wedding but I can also provide funeral arrangements as well.

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